2016: what a great year!!!

Here we are, it’s a wrap, just few more hours and we’ll talk refer to 2016 as “last year”. It’s been a very long time since January 1st, and I’m very happy to look back at it, with all my trips, all the people I met, all the places I visited, all the models I shot -not dead- with. I’m very happy to have special persons walking beside me, supporting and helping anytime it may be necessaryand sharing happiness and love as much as possible, even if a lot of miles keep us apart. Some weeks ago I promised to write here, and to update my website, more often than in the past; I tried to, but seem some technical problems to the website are not allowing me to post some photos, I’ll try to solve it as soon as possible, and well, at least I managed to put all the models from the 2016 in just one picture, and there are also those friends/photographers who shared a trip or a shooting with me, can you spot them?
There are people from all the continents, with different skin colours, different cultures and different lifestyles, but c’mon, look how beautiful we are all together!!!
I read of many people complaining about the year that’s going to end later this evening, and probably I’d have a lot to say as well, but I prefer -as I always do- to look at those good memories and episodes, and I’ll┬ábring them through the new year, to make them even more beautiful!!! I wish you all a nice end for the 2016 and, above all, a great and successful 2017! See you next year!

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