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Ops… it seems I’ve been waiting a long, long time before coming back and writing something here: as I told at the end of last year, I was working on many new projects for the 2016, and some of them are now 100% working! The first and most important one is a new agency I’ve signed with and where I’ve begun licensing my photos: ImageSource! An Art Director wrote to me in October asking if I was interested in joining their team of selected photographers, and of course I said YES! It’s the first time I license my photos through a “premium” stock agency, and they also distribute my photos to some of the most important premium stock agencies such as Getty Images, Offset and many more…you should easily understand this is a huge step forward in my work and an exciting new challenge; there are some “cons”, it’s not easy to change the whole workflow and the approach to the shooting either, but “pros” are -fortunately- more and they are spurring me to push my limits and try going even further. Also, ImageSource is based here in London and it’s nice I can see them in person and not just as many email addresses 🙂
I’ve just posted here in my portfolio page the first set of photos I sent to them from a nice-but-short trip to Fuerteventura I had in January, and there are  some more already published in their website; no need to tell there are many new shootings coming, and I’m just three days far from a new trip, but let’s talk about it in a new post!

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    Complimenti, e che St Paul sia con te 😉

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