Let’s explore England!

First of all: I’m not a landscape photographer! I think it’s fair saying that towards those who really makes beautiful landscape photos; that said, let’s talk about last week-end (8th and 9th of August): I had just come back to London after spending some time in Italy with my family, and Luigi, a friend of mine, told me “I’m going to Eastbourne and Seven Sisters cliffs to take some landscapes on Saturday and Sunday, would you like to come with me?”… well, what should I have done? As already stated, I’m not a landscape photographer, but all in all it was worth a try! We left from London on Saturday morning and after leaving some stuff in the apartment rented -and after a quick meal- we started to walk towards Beachy Head and Belle Tout Lighthouse; we arrived at destination after about 4 hours, with 15kg on the shoulders, but above all after 10km walking on a hot and sunny day (yes, we were a bit tired eheh)! The place is really beautiful and well worth a visit (if you’re too lazy to walk too much, there is a bus…), there are a lot of view points, the countryside is nice and cliffs are gorgeous: it’s almost scary to approach their edge as long as it’s sad to see so many crosses in memory of those who committed suicide there 🙁
We waited for the sunset eating and talking, and after that we had to go back home… yes, walking 10km again, but at least the temperature went down and it took only 2 hours -with a beer stop- to reach the apartment.
On Sunday, we had a relaxing walk on the Eastbourne’s promenade and in the early afternoon we decided to move to Brighton before going back to London, in the late afternoon.
The whole week-end was pleasant, and I’m quite happy about the photos I took too! You can see them in my portfolio, or simply clicking here.

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