Luxembourg, a small and cosy country

Christmas is coming, New Year’s eve is just 15 days away, and it’s time to make some good resolutions for the 2017: I want to keep my website updated and post something on the blog more often. Oh, and I’d also like to keep travelling and flying abroad at least once per month, sounds pretty cool isn’t it!? The destination of the penultimate trip of 2016 wasLuxembourg: my girlfriend and I booked a last-minute flight just two weeks ago, and then we flew to Luxembourg from London on 6th of December. We arrived quite late in the evening so we went straight to sleep; on 7th we visited all the city, and then all the city, and then all the city again… well, it’s not that big, easy to explore on foot, but still very nice and enjoyable. My girlfriend wanted to visit some Christmas markets, I wanted to take photos of a continental city on Christmas time, it was easy to find a deal, and I’ll always love my job for giving me chances like this. The cold and foggy weather helped me to take some moody pictures, and at the end of the day -well, quite early in the afternoon- we also enjoyed a beautiful sunset. On 8th we took a bus to Vianden, destination castle: my left foot was hurting me while walking for an unknown reason, but it was worth the pain; the castle is still being restored and I bet it will be even more beautiful within few years, but the atmosphere is fairy already, and we were almost expecting to find some real knights behind the corner! We went back to the city and then to the airport almost straight away: I don’t think I’ll go back to Luxembourg anytime soon, but I don’t regret at all the decision to go there. As always, you can find a gallery in my portfolio, I hope you’ll like them as I do.

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