Shooting in Italy, again, pt. 2

Hi folks, I just realized it’s been a month since my last blog post… well, it’s still something new for me, but I’d like to tell what I’m doing and so I’ll try to improve my blog, and my writing skills too!
What happened this month?
If I take a look at folders into my hard disk, I see a lot of photos from many different situations: from 24th to 26th of May I was in San Marino, attending the Red Cross Mediterranean Youth Meeting as photographer with the Italian Red Cross, which I belong as volunteer; then, I was shooting the last three stages of Giro d’Italia -you can see all the photos in my portfolio– and enjoying very beautiful Italian places; the last stage of Giro d’Italia finished in Milan, and so I decided to stay there some more days to visit Expo, taking photos too, of course! I really liked it, even if I couldn’t visit all the pavilions, because the atmosphere is great, with people from all over the world in the same place, in Italy… I think I really miss my home homeland, but I’ll not change my decision to leave! After spending a few days with my family, I came back to Pisa to organize some new photo sessions for my work, and I’m really happy about what I did and what I still wait to do. Also, even if summer is already come, sales seem to be still growing, and that’s a very good motivation to keep working: I don’t like summer so much, I’ll take some holidays in autumn! In the picture above you could see some photos from last two-days shooting, and some more will come soon, there’s a lot more to see! 😀

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