Shooting in Italy, again.

Hi all, how are you? Last time I wrote something here I was in Copenhagen, almost at the end of a two weeks trip across Scandinavian capital cities, then I went back to London for a couple of days, just long enough to get ready for a new trip, a weird trip: destination Italy! Right now, I’m a tourist in my former city, in my home country, spending my time half “working abroad” and half like if I’d be on vacation. Last week I was shooting at two stages of “Giro d’Italia” -you could see the photos in my portfolio– and this week I’m shooting for microstock agencies, my main work: on Saturday I had a nice shooting in a “home office” with Chiara, a super curly woman, and yesterday two more shootings, with the lovely Julie and her skateboard, and with Francesca, Vittoria and Soukaina, three beautiful and funny girls! Also, while walking back home, I found a leaflet with two photos of mine on it, and it made me very very happy! You could see it here in my Instagram account. Next days I’ll be busy shooting some more photos, but above all I’m working on thousands images and videos from last trip: stay tuned to see them soon!

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