Shooting the past

Today, I’d like to talk about the “job” I did last week; I left models, cities, landscapes etc to shoot a festival in my small home village, called “Piosina”, where currently live about 700 persons, right in the middle of Italy, in the region of Umbria. The festival is an historical re-enactment about wheat threshing, it last 5 days and its Italian name is “Festa della Battitura”; the whole festival is organized by local “Pro-Loco”, a volunteer group -to which I belong- who since months before work hard to prepare the village for the festival and, when the third week of July comes, lights turn on and for 5 days we have a theater show in the local dialect, four dancing evenings with famous ballroom dance bands, some sport events, the re-enactment of wheat threshing that took place on Sunday afternoon and, last but not least, every evening we prepare traditional country dishes of ’40s and ’50s such as roasted or stewed goose, spaghetti with tomato and bacon, tagliatelle with duck sauce, some types of pork meat and, at the end, typical local cakes and liquors.
Despite my commitments and trips, every year I do my best to come back here and enjoy this beautiful festival, to make a journey into the past and meet all my friends and all the people with whom I grew up, and -of course- to eat all the delicious dishes I described before! 😀
If you’d like to see all the photos I took during the festival, please visit the “Pro-Loco Piosina” page on Facebook

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