Wales: a great place just around the corner

Have you ever booked a trip half an hour after you started thinking about it, from zero!? Well, now I could answer “Yes, I have!”. Alessandro, a great friend of mine from Italy -and a great photographer as well- wrote to me during a lunch break, in early November, just to have a chat, but we ended up booking a car and a couple of guest houses, and on November 16th we were in Wales! It was not easy at all to choose which places to visit with only 3 days and half, and with the will to shoot both landscapes and some typical activities with people. We decided to stay in the south of the country, in Pembrokeshire, for the first two days. The guest house was in Haverfordwest, on the first day we headed to the north of the peninsula, experiencing some extreme weather conditions at Stumble Head, with wind gusts at 50 mph, and then going west towards Nolton later in the afternoon. The Nolton Stables staff was waiting for us, for a horse riding on the beach shooting that I’ll never forget: wind even stronger than in the morning, rain, and some hail too, were the recipe for taking damn epic photos!!! The following day we went to the south coast, and after a shooting with Nigel and his paddle board, we visited the town of Tenby, definitely worth a stop if you’re nearby! No time to rest though, the next pin on the map was already waiting for us. Carreg Cennen castle stands on a limestone precipice, within the Brecon Beacons National Park, that was our destination for the following day. We spent at least two hours walking around, enjoying the spectacular view, both from the ground and from my DJI Phantom 4 camera, and only the darkness managed to get us into the car. A good pint of a local ale and some beef stew in Brecon were a great way to end the day, served by the most funny staff I’ve ever met: I think the younger of the two men was at least 70, and he never missed to drink a sip of his pint before coming to the table! Anyway, the best still had to come: in the early morning, driving to the heart of the park, we started seeing some white spots, then few more, and more again… it was snowing! The top of the Pen y Fan was quite easy to reach anyway, but the view was still amazing; better not staying over there too long though, just to avoid becoming frozen, and so we went down to the car and started wandering around, enjoying the view of beautiful landscapes and some nice wildlife as well. On the last day, before heading back to London, we went to the Elan valley -a bit further north- to see the dams: we really wanted to go there, and we took a lot of photo, but unfortunately the weather was too bad to fly drones, so we left the pin marked on the map, for the next time…stay tuned to see if we’re going back or not!
Take a look at the gallery, and don’t miss the backstage photos on my Facebook page either!

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