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Wales: a great place just around the corner

Have you ever booked a trip half an hour after you started thinking about it, from zero!? Well, now I could answer “Yes, I have!”. Alessandro, a great friend of mine from Italy -and a great photographer as well- wrote to me during a lunch break, in early November, just to have a chat, but we ended up booking a car and a couple of guest houses, and on November 16th we were in Wales! 

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2016: what a great year!!!

Here we are, it’s a wrap, just few more hours and we’ll talk refer to 2016 as “last year”. It’s been a very long time since January 1st, and I’m very happy to look back at it, with all my trips, all the people I met, all the places I visited, all the models I shot -not dead- with. I’m very happy to have special persons walking beside me, supporting and helping anytime it may be necessary

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Luxembourg, a small and cosy country

Christmas is coming, New Year’s eve is just 15 days away, and it’s time to make some good resolutions for the 2017: I want to keep my website updated and post something on the blog more often. Oh, and I’d also like to keep travelling and flying abroad at least once per month, sounds pretty cool isn’t it!? The destination of the penultimate trip of 2016 was

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