About Me

I’ve always loved taking photos, and I remember when I was just 6, for my first school day-trip, first thing I asked was to bring a camera.

I was born in 1987 in Italy, I lived in a town called Città di Castello until I was 19 when I moved to Pisa to study computer science engineering at university. I got my bachelor degree few years later, but in the meantime my interest for photography started to grow and in 2009 it became a job. My main focus is always been on lifestyle and travel for stock agencies, but I also had the chance to make good experience with wedding and event photography, working together with more experienced colleagues and learning from them.

I left Italy in 2015 and I moved to London -together with the woman that’s now my wife- where I managed to elevate further the quality and diversity of my photography, and from where I was able to travel quite a lot, visiting North America few times, Southeast Asia and most European countries.

In 2020 we moved from London to Lichfield, a beautiful little city in the West Midlands -not too far from Birmingham- and here I’ve been enjoying getting back into photography styles and services linked directly to the community such as weddings, portraits and shootings for local businesses, alongside my primary occupation which is still stock photography, with Westend61 being my main agency.


As someone said, choose a job you love
and you will never work a day in your life

Apart from photography and travelling, my main interests are socialising and sports: I love Formula 1 (a lot), I’ve been a volleyball referee since 2007, I started cycling when I was 10, I got into running and swimming after moving to London and in 2022 I’ve finally become a triathlete, completing two sprint distances triathlons and looking forward to do more and with longer distances.