ImageSource, my first Premium agency

Ops… it seems I’ve been waiting a long, long time before coming back and writing something here: as I told at the end of last year, I was working on many new projects for the 2016, and some of them are now 100% working! The first and most important one is a new agency I’ve signed with and where 

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Happy anniversary to Sara & Claudio!

One year ago, at this time, I was going back home after a long day, a beautiful day: Sara and Claudio were just married, and I had been the photographer of their “great day”! But first, let’s go back a bit: we were in April, and Sara wrote me asking some informations about my rates for a wedding.

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50 days to go!

The new year has started, Christmas holidays are done and now it’s time to think about what will happen to me and my life in 2015; in 50 days, on March 04, I’ll move from Italy to 

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